The Android Source Tree of our Khadas VIMs are hosted on Github. There are many different repositories.

Walk through the steps below to download the Source Code.


Firstly, install git-lfs tool for downloading Android 9.0 SDK

$ mkdir git_lfs
$ cd git_lfs
$ wget
$ tar xvzf git-lfs-linux-amd64-2.3.4.tar.gz
$ cd git-lfs-2.3.4
$ sudo ./
$ git lfs install

1) Create an empty directory to hold your working files:


2) Run repo init to download the manifest repository first:

$ repo init -u -b khadas-vims-pie

3) Run repo sync to pull down the Android Source Tree:

$ repo sync -j4

The initial sync operation may take an hour or more to complete.

Tip: You might need to run above command repeatly if it fails halfway. Or you can try with this script instead:

repo sync -j4
while [ $? = 1 ]; do
    echo "Sync failed, repeat again:"
    repo sync -j4

If needed, press Ctrl-\ to quit.

4) Begin a new branch for development:

$ repo start <BRANCH_NAME> --all