With an available network connection, U-Boot can load images quickly and easily via TFTP.


We’ll start off with a terminal connected to the board and sitting at the U-Boot prompt.

Upgrade Bootloader

kvim# tftp 1080000 u-boot.bin
kvim# store rom_write 1080000 0 $filesize

Note: You might also need to clean up the old U-Boot environment value stored in the env partition, and then save it as a new value:

kvim# defenv
kvim# saveenv

Run reset or press reset button to boot from the new bootloader:

kvim# reset


Load image into memory, then run bootm to boot from memory:

kvim# tftp 1080000 boot.img
kvim# bootm

Linux Kernel Image

Download and run Linux:

kvim# tftp 1080000 zImage
kvim# tftp 10000000 uInitrd
kvim# tftp 20000000 kvim.dtb 
kvim# booti 1080000 10000000 20000000


Failed to saveenv:

kvim# saveenv
Saving Environment to aml-storage...
get partition info failed !!

You need to write a DTB first!