Khadas VIM3 contains a data switch to switch the “combo interface” between PCIe and USB 3.0. The default mode is USB 3.0.
You can find the block below.

VIM3 PCIe/USB3.0 Block

There are three ways to setup the PCIe/USB3.0 port:

  • Use KBI to setup the port
  • Setup the port using the Android UI
  • Setup the port using the Android/Ubuntu command line

Use KBI to setup the PCIe/USB3.0 port

You need to setup the serial debug tool and enter the u-boot command line.

  • Initialize the KBI:
kvim3#kbi init
  • Check current port mode:
kvim3#kbi portmode r
port mode is USB3.0

The default mode is USB-3.0.

  • Change mode to PCIe:
kvim3#kbi portmode  w 1
set port mode to :PCIE
  • Change mode to USB 3.0:
kvim3#kbi portmode w 0
set port mode to :USB3.0

Poweroff the system to bring changes into effect:

kvim3#kbi poweroff 

Then press the POWER KEY to reboot the system.

Use Android UI to setup the PCIe/USB3.0 port

You’ll need to navigate to “Device Preferences” using an IR remote, mouse or attached keyboard.

Android Device PreferencesMode Switch UI

Reboot the system to bring changes into effect.