Booting Card

  • A “Booting Card” is an SD-Card that stores the final images/ROM. Your target device will boot from the SD-Card and load the images/ROM into RAM memory.
  • If you unplug the “Booting Card” from your target device, the device will be unable to boot into the images/ROM in future.

Burning Card

  • A “Burning Card” is used to burn/download the images (stored in the SD-Card temporarily) to the onboard eMMC storage.
  • A “Burning Card” is one method to burn/download the images into the eMMC storage (You can also burn/download images into the eMMC storage via USB-C data cable).
  • When burning/downloading the images is complete, you can safely unplug the SD-Card from your device. The device will then continue to bootup normally from its onboard eMMC storage.