Khadas Edge contains a 16 MB SPI-Flash that’s used as boot storage; so you can image from it. This guide is about how to boot from the on-board SPI-Flash.

Build U-boot For SPI-Flash

The U-Boot for SPI-Flash is different from the eMMC/SD’s U-Boot. We recommend using Fenix Script to build U-Boot, as it’s easy this way.

This guide assumes that you have already setup a basic build environment. If not, please refer to Fenix Usage.

  • Setup Environment:
$ cd fenix
$ source env/

Select Edge board.

  • Build U-boot
$ make uboot

If successful, you will get a U-Boot for the SPI-Flash u-boot-spi.bin, in the directory fenix/u-boot.

Burn U-boot To SPI Flash

Copy u-boot-spi.bin to an SD-Card or Thumbdrive (U-Disk) and insert it into your Edge.

Setup serial debugging tool and boot to the U-Boot Command Line.

Load U-boot to DDR

  • Load U-Boot from SD-Card:
kedge# load mmc 1 $kernel_addr_r u-boot-spi.bin
  • Load U-Boot from Thumbdrive (U-Disk):
kedge# usb start
kedge# load usb 0 $kernel_addr_r u-boot-spi.bin


kedge# sf probe
kedge# sf erase 0 +$filesize
kedge# sf write $kernel_addr_r 0 $filesize
kedge# reset

Tip: This will take about 3 minutes, please be patient.

After reboot, you will boot from the SPI-Flash.

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