Use the 30-pin flat cable(E) to connect the XU4 and the LCD board(C). Then remove the LCD surface protect film.

Assemble the XU4 + LCD board in the top case(A) and fasten the screws(H).

Connect the XU4 board and the LCD board with the USB2.0 cable(D).

You can connect your 2.5" HDD box using the USB3.0 cable(I) included in the package. You can attach the HDD enclosure to the bottom case with velcro tape.
The package does not include a HDD.
* If your USB HDD storage consumes more than 500mA, you may need to use a 5V/6A PSU instead of 5V/4A PSU.

Assemble the bottom case(B) and fit the USB port covers(F). Then attach the rubber feet(G) to the bottom case.